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Who are we? What do we do?

Kutixi artisau izozkiak was born at the beginning of 2009 from the hands of Janpier, Alex and Mikel. The first two of these Zarautz natives already had experience in the catering sector, the third has just started but all three are extremely excited about the project.

Just as initially planned, the whole process is carried out at Kutixi, from the selection of the raw ingredients, the preparation of the recipes, the making of the ice creams right down to the actual sale.

The one aim throughout the whole process is to achieve the best possible quality in the final product. However, at Kutixi not everything goes and we believe in healthy food. The use of certain products such as artificial colours and preservatives or additives which increase the volume of the ice creams, was rejected.

In addition to quality, and in an attempt to reach the greatest number of customers possible, at Kutixi we have a range of specialities such as: sorbets (ice creams without milk, water based), soya, sugar free ice creams (sacrose), ice creams made from herbal infusions and many more as you can see on this web page.

Welcome to Kutixi! Make yourselves at home.


When you buy tubs or one or half a litre we will stamp a loyalty card, so that once you have bought 10 litres the next litre will be free! 


produktuak argazkia iritzia

www.kutixi.com - bixkonde kalea, 19 - (20800 Zarautz)